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Accessibility is often the key to independence. Because each person’s needs are different, it is important to carefully assess what assistive technologies (AT) are necessary and how to effectively use them.

Designed for educators, professionals, families, persons with disabilities, and others of all ages, the Assistive Technology Internet Modules (ATIM) guide users through case studies, instructional videos, pre- and post-assessments, glossaries, discussion questions, and more.

Now Available

  • AT for Workplace Accommodations
  • AT for Driving and Transportation
  • AT Implementation for Adults
  • AAC Implementation: Adults with DD

Featured Modules

  • AT Assessment Strategies for Adults: Part 1
  • AT Assessment Strategies for Adults: Part 2
  • Assistive and Smart Home Technology for Independent Living
  • AAC Assessment: Adults with DD

Featured ATIM Course – Earn Graduate Credit

AT for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

This online course provides participants with an overview of assistive technology assessment, implementation, and intervention strategies for adults with developmental disabilities. Participants in this course will learn about the AT assessment and implementation processes for all areas of AT as well as special considerations for AAC users. Additionally, participants will learn about AT for independent living, workplace accommodations, driving and transportation, and gain an understanding of transitions from school-age to adult services.

Earn graduate credit online with no face-to-face meetings!

2023-2024 ATIM courses now available:

Fall, Spring, Summer sessions 2023-2024

Earn graduate credit online with no face-to face meetings! Each course consists of a collection of Assistive Technology Internet Modules (ATIMs) around a common topic. Registrants complete each ATIM in the course, including all content, pre/post assessments, and reflection questions. Completion of a course assessment is required.

Graduate credit is available through OCALI’s partnership with Ashland University. Course registration is a two-step process.

  1. Register on ATIM
  2. Register and pay on Ashland University's system

Courses become available on ATIM at the start of the current semester. Dates and specific registration information are available on the ATIM Course webpage.

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What Will I Learn?

Created by experts and practitioners this collection of 50+ free, self-paced modules is designed to help users better understand, identify the need, plan for, collaborate, and support individuals with disabilities within their school, home, community, or work using assistive and supportive technologies.


  • Earn professional development certificates and graduate credit online—no face-to face meetings (minimal costs associated)
  • Ideal for individual or group-based learning
  • Track your learning with pre- and post-assessments
  • Expand your learning with discussion questions, activities, and other support resources


As a university instructor for both undergraduate and graduate courses for special education teachers, I find that the ATIM modules are invaluable in helping my students get the information that they need about assistive technology. The modules can be used individually in courses that address topics such as academic instruction, life skills development strategies, and transition planning. The modules also provide an excellent resource for classes that focus entirely on assistive technology devices and services.

Gayl Bowser, MS., Ed., Independent Consultant, Former coordinator of the Oregon Technology Access Program (OTAP)

I first began using the Assistive Technology Internet Modules (ATIM) nine years ago when I was a classroom teacher. Now, as someone who supports school districts and teaches at the university level, I integrate these modules into the professional development and curriculum I deliver. One of the things I like best is that all of the resources are tied to the modules. You don’t have to search for things—it’s all right there. It’s easy to find the topics and users can pick things that are of interest to them, which really personalizes the experience. You can use the modules on your own time, which is important for teachers who need flexibility when they can’t get out of their classrooms.

Megan Trowbridge, State Support Team Consultant, Region 14

One of the things that sets the ATIM modules apart from other professional learning resources is the various examples—with videos, case studies, and more, there are so many different ideas on how to apply various strategies. When I dive into the content, I can literally click on every module and get lost in the content—in a good way. Because the content is well organized, I can easily find what I’m looking for, which saves me time.

For those who aren’t familiar with the ATIM modules, I would encourage them to check the modules out. Users will be amazed at everything that is available and they will love the fact that the modules are flexible and free. These resources are also great for parents who are starting to enter this world, particularly preschool parents.

Bethany Newsome, Speech-Language Pathologist, Chillicothe City Schools

From a national professional development perspective, the Assistive Technology Internet Modules (ATIM) are great for group-based or individual learning. The discussion questions make the resources ideal for teams. The range of topics available is impressive and I really like that users can link to different items based on their personal interests. I would highly recommend these modules to anyone wanting to learn more about assistive technology. Whether you’re an educator, service provider, family member, or person with disabilities, there’s something valuable for everyone.

Diana Carl, Consultant, National Center on Accessible Educational Materials

The Assistive Technology Internet Modules (ATIM) provide a nice way of introducing people who aren’t familiar with assistive technology to important concepts and information. As more and more schools and classrooms strive to become more inclusive, these resources provide useful information to help build awareness and understanding.

Jennifer Rahschulte, Assistive Technology Specialist, Olentangy School District

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